The Decline of the Marentium Empire

20 Years of Madness

The decline of the Marentium Empire began with the death of Marenius XXVIII during a trip into Lorthia. His son, the 9 year old Marenius XXIX, was crowned in the Imperial Palace and his mother became defacto ruler of the empire. Her policies were unpopular with many of the guilds which led to the Merchants Guild assassinating her and the emperor. This led to the crowning of Marenius XXX, but he was also unpopular and was killed by the Mages Guild. This pattern went on and on for most of the twenty years. Emperors of note were: Marenius XXXI who died in a battle with Orcs, Marenius XXXII who was a woman and was assassinated because of it, Marenius XXXIX was undead, and Marenius XL survived twenty assassination attempts until his palace was burned down on him after being stabbed several times. The last Emperor [[Marenius XLI] was so paranoid about being assassinated that when King Alfred appeared at the gates of Marentum he fled in terror. Of the twelve emperors, nine of them were assassinated by the Imperial Guard. This was a major factor in Alfred disbanding the it.

Empire Under Attack

In the past twenty years the Empire has been under attack from all sides. The Goblins have overrun Lorthia in the west, pressing all the way to the fortifications of Valentum. In the south the Kobolds have been pressing the borders of the southern province Sonderwier. In the east the Elven Kingdoms have begun to mobilize in an attempt to capture the Cities on the East Bank being held by the Hand of Mikal. In the north-east the Orcish Horde has overrun the province of Polash and relations between the Empire and the Kingdom of Norland have been strained. This was all happening during the Twenty Years of Madness.

The Decline of the Marentium Empire

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