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This is the wiki page for The King’s Guard campaign that I am running.

The Decline of the Marentium Empire

An Empire Ruled by a King

Five years ago King Alfred of Lorthia marched on Marentum in the hopes of raising an army to retake his throne. Upon arrival he found the city abandoned by its leadership. The people of the city threw the gates open and offered him the throne of the empire. With little choice King Alfred became the ruler of the Marentium Empire.

Rise of the King’s Guard

His first act as ruler was to put a majority of the Imperial Guard to the sword. This left the city bereft of an effective peacekeeping force. Alfred turned to the people of the city to police themselves, but it quickly turned into a farce and crime quickly got out of control. In a move to regain control of the city, the King formed the King’s Guard.

Episode 1
Day 1

After joining the King’s Guard, the player characters began the arduous task of trying to keep the peace. They quickly run afoul several different people attempting to find a missing child.

Guilds and Groups

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